Dear Sleep, I Love You. Come Back...

How Does Losing Sleep Affect Your Overall Health?

Insomnia makes you miss a good night's sleep

Bad sleep sucks.  Yeah, maybe one or two late nights can seem like a gift of extra hours in the day, but even short term sleeplessness and interrupted sleep can have long term effects on your overall health.  

For anyone that has experienced a lack of sleep, next day tiredness is the most common short term effect.  But what’s happening inside our bodies when we continue bad sleep habits over time?

Mind malfunction
Lack of sleep will affect your brain power and ability to focus and recall.  This will impact your overall creativity, judgement and performance on the job.

Moody blues
A good night's sleep leaves us feeling refreshed and upbeat so of course the opposite is also true.  Lack of good sleep, even after one night will cause our mood to nosedive, making us irritable, anxious and moody.


You need your beauty sleep
Quite literally!  A lack of restorative sleep causes a rise in cortisol (the hormone that is released during stressful times) which breaks down collagen in our skin, causing premature wrinkling.  It also causes our body temperature to drop, leaving us cold and uncomfortable.

Poor sleep hurts your heart
Not getting enough sleep can harm your entire cardiovascular system. Untreated sleep apnea in particular increases your risk for heart issues such as hypertention, stroke and heart attack.  Getting a correct diagnosis and being treated with CPAP or other PAP therapy will greatly reduce your risk.

Poor sleep leads to overeating

Losing sleep but gaining weight
Not only does sleep deprivation cause an increase in cravings of high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods, it also throws your body's fullness signals off, which can lead to overeating and unintended weight gain.

The bottom line
If you have issues with falling or staying asleep, talk to your doctor.  They can recommend a sleep specialist in your area to help get you back on track to sleep better and live healthier.  It's vital to your overall health and wellness.  Good sleep is a reachable dream!