How CPAP Therapy Has Changed People’s Lives in Just a Few Months

Darth Vader wears a CPAP for his sleep apnea

CPAP therapy gets a bad rap.  Most people envision a giant face mask, tubing tangled everywhere and a Darth Vader sound coming from the machine.  We know this is slightly exaggerated, but we also recognize that the stigma around CPAP is part satire and part truth.  It can be scary to think about wearing something on your face at night, especially if you have any kind of claustrophobic tendencies.  It can seem embarrassing to wear the mask sleeping next to your partner.  But considering that snoring so loud you get sent to the couch might be slightly more embarrassing than treating your sleep apnea, CPAP can actually save your relationship!

We hear from patients on a daily basis about how much treating their sleep apnea has changed their lives.  From our Patient Care Coordinators to our Night Technicians to our Medical Director, the testimonials literally roll in. 

These are real comments from patients from of a few of our 9 locations:

“Thank you for giving me my life back.” – Patient from Chehalis, WA
“I loved this machine from the first night I put it on.  Love it.” – Patient from Redding, CA
“Since I started using this machine, I no longer need to take blood pressure medication.” – Patient from Chico, CA
"This is the best machine I have ever used.  I am a different, better person now." – Patient from Chico, CA
“Dad is not grumpy anymore!” – 9 year-old son of patient from Redding, CA
“Kind and friendly and I got the perfect equipment.  I’m so thankful for this place.  Best sleep I’ve ever had and I feel so much healthier now.” – Patient from Aberdeen, WA
“I went from walking in the mud on the bottom of the ocean to walking on the sand on the top of the hill.  The release from all the heaviness is amazing.” – Patient from Redding, CA
“I protect this thing (CPAP) with my life.” – Patient from Yuba City, CA
"Since being put on my machine, I’d say I'm sleeping like a baby, but a baby doesn't sleep this good.  This is the best thing since sliced bread! Coming from the guy who thought he was claustrophobic.”  – Patient from Tumwater, WA
man waking up refreshed from using CPAP for his sleep apnea

As you can see, these patients are excited and hopeful about their health because they finally decided to treat their sleep apnea.  ISC is honored to be a part of their path to a healthier and happier life.  We know that a lack of treatment can lead to health complications; heart disease, diabetes, depression and weight gain are just a few. 

If you or someone you know has sleep apnea but struggles with deciding on or sticking with a treatment therapy, don’t give up.  See your sleep specialist to find the treatment that will work best.  Our 9 locations in California and Washington are open 8am to 5pm, 5 days a week to help.  Call us today so you can sleep better and live healthier!