Read what our patients and providers are saying about Innovative Sleep Centers:

I absolutely love your sleep center. They were very helpful in getting my grandson in for a consult within a week and in for his sleep study within one more week! AMAZING ... another center took 2 months for consult appt and 3 more months for a study on my granddaughter.... The staff at Innovative Sleep Center are so helpful and calming. Their sleep center is comfy, relaxing and so private, unlike having to go to a hospital. Results and treatment options given within one additional week.. I highly recommend this company and their staff... very knowledge accepted Molina healthcare and Dr. Razavi was very easy to understand all treatment options.
— -Tracy G.
“I fell in love with her...” “I was very nervous but it turns out my machine and I were made for each other”
— -Chico, CA patient
This machine had done wonders. It has been amazing., My mood, focus, ADHD have all improved. I am actually happy to go to work and see my co-workers. It has changed my life.
— Brian N.
I had a very pleasant experience from this sleep center. All staff was excellent. Worked with me in scheduling my appt., explained what was needed for insurance, what was required for sleep study and answered my many questions in a very professional manner. The private rooms were very nice, comfortable and clean. Yes, getting up early may be a bit inconvenient but this is part of the test. They have all the information they need. Not a hotel. For those that complain— get over it. This is for your health.
Harrison ARNP-FNP is the medical professional who did my consult and interview. He was very informative and caring. I had a planned vacation to leave in 2 days. He was up front and told me I should think of changing my plans and he would suggest follow up with a cardiologist. My heart had erratic beats. I cancelled my plans followed up with a cardiologist. I have a heart blockage. Harrison saved my life. All of this from caring medical professional with a team of workers to give the best care to their patients. I could not ask for better care and highly recommend this sleep center.
— Martha B.
Dr. Razavi has taken such amazing care of our son through the whole process when diagnosed with narcolepsy. They made his nights spent there under observation very comfortable, it was a home away from home. The staff made him and our family feel very welcome, extremely informative, and very easy to work with. The team is very professional and they are quick in responding to any questions or needs. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!
— Valeri T.
Overall experience was wonderful. I will definitely refer family/friends to this facility. I was extremely apprehensive about the sleep studies. However, Ramesh and Earnest were professional, gentle, caring, and comforting. They were the “best”.
Great job Ramesh and Earnest. ISC staff is the very best!
— Patient from Tumwater, WA
The staff at the center are really wonderful. They are thorough and flexible. I had difficulty scheduling my follow up due to my work schedule but they were able to accommodate me at the last minute. Thank you for your service!
— Chau T.
This is the best place to get testing done for sleep apnea. The nurse Jamie is awesome. She helped expedite insurance paperwork and all preauthorization paperwork. I was able to get my test results fast and see the respiratory therapist very fast and get my machine. Jamie is the best.
— Timothy I.
The staff was friendly and helpful in dealing with my sleep disorder. I was promptly reminded of my visits usually a day before. I also spent a few nights there for the sleep study. The Auto CPAP the facility got for me helped immensely to combat my sleep apnea. I should have come sooner to be diagnosed.
— Mike C.
I write to thank you for your suggestion to use the CPAP Comfort Cover product. After using my CPAP for well over a year, I developed a rash on my face in the shape of the CPAP nasal mask. The red rash was so bad that I was embarrassed to show my face in public. After a few days of using the comfort cover, however, the rash totally disappeared. In addition, the cushion from the cover provided me a more comfortable, nightly experience. After several weeks, I continue to show no signs of the rash and hardly feel the nasal mask. I am once again a content CPAP user.
— James C.
Thank you for giving me my life back!
— Patient from Chehalis, WA